Dissolution, Bioavailability dan Bioequivalence

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ISBN/ISSN 0-912-734-20-5
Author(s) Abdou, Hamed M
Subject(s) Bioavailability dan Bioequivalence
Classification 615
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Language English
Publisher Mack Publishing Company
Publishing Year 1989
Publishing Place Pennsylvania
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Chapter 1 Evolution Of Dissolution Testing...5
Chapter 2 Theory Of Dissolution...11-33
Chapter 3 Theoretical Concepts For The release Of A Drug From Dosage Forms...37-50
Chapter 4 Effect Of The Physicochemical Properties Of The Drug On Dissolution...53-66
Chapter 5 Factors Affecting The Rate Of Dissloution Of Solid Dosage Forms...73-100
Chapter 6 Effects Of Storage and Packaging On The Dissolution Of Drug Formulations...107
Chapter 7 Factors Relating To The Dissolution Apparatus...115-143
Chapter 8 Effect Of The Parameters On Dissolution Rate...145-166
Chapter 9 Dissolution Of Suspensions...173-184
Chapter 10 Dissolution Of Topical Dosage Forms (Creams, Gels, and Ointments)...189-197
Chapter 11 Dissolution Of Suppositories...205-212
Chapter 12 Dissoution Characteristics Of Controlled-Release System...215-254
Chapter 13 Methods For Enhancement Of The Drug-Dissolution Charateristicts...265-280
Chapter 14 Developing A New Dissolution Method...285-288


Chapter 15 Bioavailability, Definitions and Historical Perspective...297
Chapter 16 Mechanism Of Drug Absorption...303-312
Chapter 17 In Vitro Modeling For Drug Absorption...315-332
Chapter 18 Pharmacokinetic Considerations In Bioavailability Studies...335-363
Chapter 19 Bioavailability and Variations In Drug Blood Levels...367-378
Chapter 20 Bioavailability and The Biologic Response...385-389
Chapter 21 Measurements Of Bioavailability...399-412
Chapter 22 General Issues To Be Considered In Conducting Bioavailability Studies...415-422
Chapter 23 Bioavailability Of Controlled-Release Dosage Forms...425-431
Chapter 24 In Vivo Release and Bioavailability Of Topical Preparation...437-449
Chapter 25 Methods For Enhancement Of Bioavailability...455-469


Chapter 26 Bioequivalence-General Definitions...447-478
Chapter 27 Bioequivalence-Case Histories...481
Chapter 28 Correlation Of In Vitro Rate Of Dissolution With In Vivo Bioavailability...491-502
Chapter 29 Determination Of Bioequivalence and Its Regulatory Aspects...517-524
Chapter 30 The Official Bioequivalence Protocols and Therapeutic Equivalence...533-543

Author Index...547
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