Current Pulmonology Volume 12

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Edition Volume 12
Call Number 611.24/Cur
ISBN/ISSN 0-8151-7749-6
Author(s) Simmons, Daniel H
Subject(s) Pulmonology
Classification 611.24
Series Title
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher Mosby - Year Book Inc
Publishing Year 1991
Publishing Place Los Angeles
Abstract/Notes 1.Oxygen Transport...1
2.Adaptations to Hyoxia: Lessons From Operation Everest II...23
3.Work of Breathiong in the Criitically III Patient...51
4.Early Intervention in Chronic Obstruuctivve Pulmonary Disease...87
5.Proteinase Inhibitors in the Lung...109
6.Advances in Smoking Cessation Treatment...139
7.Acute Lung Injury: Mechanisms and Potential Therapy...199
8.Flail Chest/Pulmonary Contusion: A Surgical Critical Care Challenge...223
9.Interpretation of Lung Function Test...261
10.Pulmonary Transplantation...297
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