The Child, His Parents and the Nurse

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Call Number 641.1/Bla/t
Author(s) Blake, Fllorence
Classification 641.1
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GMD Text
Language English
Publisher J. B. Lippincontt Company
Publishing Year 1954
Publishing Place America
Abstract/Notes 1.Introduvtion:The Nurse's Role In Preventive Mental Health Programs Of The Future....1
2.The Prenatal Period and Its Influence On The Mother Child Relationship...29
3.Nursing Care During The Adjustment Period...53
4.Develoment and Care During The Rapid Growth Period....105
5.Develomrnt and Care During The Training Period...138
6.Develoment and Care During The Early Period Of Socialization...211
7.Develoment and Care The School-Age Period...301
8.Develoment and Care During The Preadolescent Period...360
9.Develoment and Guidance During Adolesence...381
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