Geriatric Dentistry

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Call Number 612.68/Ger
ISBN/ISSN 0-8016-2557-2
Author(s) Holm, Poul
Subject(s) Geriatric Dentistry
Classification 612.68
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GMD Text
Language Indonesia
Publisher The C.V. Mosby Company
Publishing Year 1986
Publishing Place Canada
Abstract/Notes Bab 1. The Biological Basis Of Aging...19
Bab 2. Physiology Of Aging...34
Bab 3. Aging Of The Cell..56
Bab 4. Immunity And Aging...70
Bab 5. Aging Of Bone Tissue...83
Bab 6. Age Changes In The teeth...94
Bab 7. Age Changes In The Oral Mucous Membranes And Periodontium...102
Bab 8. Age Changes In Salivary Glands And Salivary Secretion...114
Bab 9. Aging From A Psychological Perspective...125
Bab 10.The Impact Of Emvironmental ANd Social Forces on Aging...138
Bab 11.Communication In The Practitioner Aged Patient Relationship...149
Bab 12.Medical Aspects On Aging ANd health Of The Elderly...165
Bab 13.Nutrition In The Elderly Im Plication For Oral Health Care...172
Bab 14.Diseases In The Elderly With Implications For Oral Status And Dental Therapy...179
Bab 15.Psychiatric Disorders In Old Age...187
Bab 16.Pharmacology And Aging...195
Bab 17.Essentials Of Geropsychiatry For The Dental Profession...205
Bab 18.The Epidemiology Of Oral Diseases In Older Adults...221
bab 19.Pathology And Treatment Of Dental Caries In the Aging Individual...238
Bab 20.Pathology And Treatment Of Diseases In The Pulp...263
Bab 21.Pathology And Treatment Of PeriodontalDisease...277
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