New Geochemical Data Of Island-Arc Origin For Sumatera:The Bengkulu Case

Collection Location Perpustakaan Pusat Penelitian Geoteknologi - LIPI Contact Detail
Edition vol. 22 no. 1
Call Number
ISBN/ISSN 01259849
Author(s) Zulkarnain, Iskandar
Subject(s) Sumatera
Geochemical Data
Island-Arc origin
Active continental margin
Series Title Jurnal Riset Geologi dan Pertambangan
GMD Jurnal
Language Indonesia
Publisher Pusat Penelitian Geoteknologi LIPI
Publishing Year 2012
Publishing Place Bandung
Abstract/Notes Sumatera has recognized as margin of Eurasia continental plate, where the Indian oceanic plate is subducted beneath continental materials. The subduction system has produced volcanic or magmatic rocks on Sumatera at least since Cretaceous. Chemical analytical results of volcanic rocks in Bengkulu Province on major, trace and rare earth elements reveal that the volcanic rocks are derived from different tectonic settings. The island-arc group is characterized by lower ratio of (Ce/P)N varying between 1.1 to 2.4 and wider range of (P/Zr)N ratio varying from 1.0 to 1.7, while the ACM group show wider variation with (Ce/P)N ratio more than 3.4 and has narrower range of (P/Zr)N ranging from 0.3 to 0.6. The REE pattern of the island-arc in spider diagram shows a steady decrease in rock/chondrite ratio from La to Lu, while the ACM type is characterized by a flat trend from Eu to Lu. The results suggest that Sumatera is devided into two tectonic settings: the western side showing island-arc character and the eastern side represents an active continental margin (ACM)
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