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Call Number 621.39 NAN i
ISBN/ISSN 9781118944417
Author(s) Nancy C. Muir
Subject(s) Computer Engineering
Classification 621.39
Series Title - Working with Photos -Capturing your Own Videos with the Built-in Cameras
GMD Text
Language English
Publisher Simultaneously
Publishing Year 2015
Publishing Place Canada
Collation vi,524 hlm; 23,3 cm
Abstract/Notes Book I:Getting Started With Ipad
Chapter 1:Buying Your Ipad
- Discovering What's New in iOS 8.0
- Choosing the Right ipad for you
Chapter 2:getting started with Ipad
- Exploring What's in the Box
- Taking a First Look at The Gadget
Chapter 3:Making Your ipad More Accesible
- Setting Brighteness
- Changing the Wallpaper
Chapter 4:Overview of Bundled Apps
- Getting online with ipad
- Shooting and Organizing Photos
Chapter 5:Setting Up iTunes to Sync and Buy Apps
- Connecting to the Internet
-Setting Up iTunes
Chapter 6:Browsing the Web
- Exploring Safari
- Addin and Using Bookmarks
Chapter 7:Working with Email in Mail
- Adding an Account
-Setting Up a POP3 Email Account
Chapter 8:Mananging iPad Settings
- Making Brightness and Wallpaper Settings
- Managing General Settings
Chapter 9:Maintaining and Troubleshooting
- Maintaining Your iPad
- Troubleshooting Your iPad
Book II:Just for Fun
Chapter 1:Buying Content at iTunes and Beyond
- Exploring the iTunes Store
- Shooping Anyware Else
Chapter 2:Playing Music on Your iPad
- Looking Over Your Library of Music
- Playing Music and Other Audio
Chapter 3:Watching Videos
- Finding videos
- Playing Movies or TV Shows
Chapter 4:Getting the Most Out of iPad Cameras and Face Time
- Working with Photos
-Capturing your Own Videos with the Built-in Cameras
Chapter 5:Getting Social with Twitter,Facebook,and iMassage
- Experience Twitter and Facebook on iPad
- Setting Up an iMassage Account
Chapter 6:Playing With the photos App
- Getting Photos into iPad
- Looking at Photos
Cahpter 7:Using Your iPad as an E-reader
- Discovering How the iPad Differs from Other E-readers
- Finding and Buying E-books
Chapter 8:Playing Games
- Appreciating iPad's Gaming Streangths
- Finding SomeVery Cool Games
Book III:iPad On The Go
Chapter 1:configuring Your iPad to Connect Everywhere
- Making Wi-fi and 3G/4G Settings
- Connecting to an Enterprise
Chapter 2:Finding Your way with Maps
- Getting Where You're Going
- Remembering Where You've Been
Chapter 3:Apps for Road Warriors
- Starking with Built-in Apps
- Making Travel Arrangements
Book VI:Getting Productive with iWork
chapter 1:Introducing the iWork for iOS Apps for ipad
- Presenting the iWork for iOS Apps
- Starting Out with an iWork App
Chapter 2:Pages Has a Way with Words
- Editing a Pages Document
- Working with Text in Pages
Chapter 3:Countin on Numbers
- Introducing Numbers
- Using the Team Organization Template
Chapter 4:Presenting keynote
- Concepts to Consider before You Create a Presentation
- Getting Started with Keynote on iPad
Book V:using iPad to Get Organized
Chapter 1:Mananging Files and Printing
- Finding Your Files
- Sharing Files
Chapter 2:Making Notes
- Makin Notes
- Finding Notes
Chapter 3:Keeping On Schedule with the Calendar and Clock Apps
- Taking a Look at Your Calendar
- Adding Calendar Events
Chapter 4:Working eith Reminders and Notifications
- Creating a Task in Reminders
- Editing Task Details
Chapter 5:Managing Contacts
- Populating Your Contacts with Information
- Assigning a Photo to a Contact
Chapter 6:Talking to Your ipad with Siri
- Activating Siri
- Understanding All That Siri Can Do
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