Put A Halt to Your Addiction Gambling, Drugs, Food and Other Types

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Author(s) Terry D. Clark
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Abstract/Notes Are you wrestling with an addictive behavior and you'd like to put it behind you? Are you out of control around your family and friends... And you want your life back in order? You're fighting a losing battle with an unseen forces and it's chipping away at you and your quality of life (gambling addiction, drug addiction, food addiction, etc). It's robbing you of something precious. It's having a negative financial impact or it's ruining relationships. There are many types of addiction that can be unhealthy, unattractive or uncomfortable. It's embarrassing, frustrating, makes you feel horrible or leave you feeling downright depressed. It's stealing your freedom. If you didn't feel that way -- if you didn't feel hooked, you wouldn't be here. No matter what it is, it's real. Read more
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